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Beatle Authors

Journey Into Beatledom: The Beatles as Prophets, Peaceniks & Holy Writ - by Joe Robinson
Available at Amazon in the US and Amazon UK

Robert Rodriguez - Revolver
Robert's works include Solo in the 70s, Revolver: How The Beatles Re-Imagined Rock'n'Roll, Fab Four FAQ and Fab Four FAQ 2.0

Anthony Robustelli
Author of I Want to Tell You: The Definitive Guide to the Music of The Beatles, Vol. 1, 1962-63

Kit O'Toole
Author of Songs We Were Singing: Guided Tours Through the Beatles' Lesser-Known Tracks and Michael Jackson FAQ

Richard Buskin
New York Times best-selling author of 30 books including Beatles 101: The Need to Know Guide, John Lennon: His Life and Legend, The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Beatles, and many others.

Dave Bedford -
Website for Dave Bedford's first book, Liddypool, which traces the vast impact of Merseyside on The Beatles
The Fab One Hundred and Four by Dave Bedford

Vivek J. Tiwary
The Fifth Beatle

Recipe Records
Recipe Records by Lanea Stagg and Maggie McHugh

Jill Davis ABSee The Beatles
Children's ABC book based on The Beatles

Ivor Davis -
Respected journalist who toured with The Beatles in 1964, author of The Beatles and Me On Tour

Meet The Beatles For Real - Sara Schmidt
True stories of real life people who met The Beatles and author of Happiness Is Seeing The Beatles: The Beatles in St. Louis

Some Fun
The True Story of How The Beatles Rocked America: The Historic Tours of 1964-1966, by Chuck Gunderson
Beatleness by Candy Leonard, Sociological Study of Beatlemania

Confessions of a
Confessions of a Beatlemaniac, by Dee Elias

Jim and Karen McCollum
Jim and Karen McCollum's book, Lennon: The Peace Wall

Martin Creasy
Beatlemania! by author Martin Creasy

Spencer Leigh
Numerous Beatles books by Spencer Leigh

The Beatles in Bournemouth
Book by Nick Churchill featuring Beatles' performances and visits to Bournemouth, England, including rare photos and info.

Beatlology Magazine
Back issues of Beatlology Magazine available
Meet the Brittles introduces children to the story of The Beatles via cute little monster characters. The author is Hal Pollock.

John Borack (Goldmine Magazine)
Author of several music books, including John Lennon - Life Is What Happens

Fab Four
Stuart Shea and Robert Rodriguez, who wrote the book Fab Four FAQ

Beatle author

Seth Swirsky
Singer, songwriter, author, and creator of the documentary, "Beatle Stories, A Fab Four Fan's Ultimate Road Trip."

Author of "A Date with a Beatle"

Author Larry Kane, who had a professional relationship with Lennon that spanned 15 years.

Roof Top
The Offical Website for Beatle Fan Fiction

The Lennon Library
A personal selection of books about, by, or relevant to John Lennon

Jewelle St. James
Author of All You Need Is Love, a spiritual journey of one woman discovering her past life shared with the seventeenth-century incarnation of John Lennon

Jim O'
O'Donnell is the author of The Day John Meet Paul
The Beatles in America - Books by Bruce Spizer

Author (along with George Cassidy) of Come Together: The Business Wisdom of The Beatles

Not Fade Away Gallery
Website for Larry Marion, who wrote The Lost Beatles Photographs: The Bob Bonis Archive. Or contact Larry at

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